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by Agrimesh Marketplace



EmHub is the brain behind the Agrimesh system. It is the processor that controls, supervises, and enables devices to interact with each other.

Connect the Ethernet port behind the EmHub to your internet then the EmHub to an electrical outlet. 

Range Specifications:

Agrimesh’s wireless mesh technology creates a local network. The probes communicate with each other to report back to the emHub. The range between the emHub and the probes is 1600 feet(500 meters) without interference. For larger facilities, the emRelay X (signal booster) could be required to boost the signal of the probes that are further away from emHub.


The Monitoring as a Service software charge is included for the first year. At the start of year 2, the cost is 399 CAD (or 299 USD) per year per hub. Up to 255 devices can be added to a single HUB.