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Smart Monitoring and Alerts for Today’s Producers

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A draft creeps into the barn on a winter night. A water pipe bursts just before dawn. Your buildings lose power, and you’re three hours away.You know your operation. You know what conditions your animals need to thrive. But you can’t be everywhere all the time. Agrimesh can. Shop the system
Solve problems before they become catastrophes with our artificially intelligent monitoring-and-alert systems. Shop the system

Protect investments and maximize profits

Agrimesh watches over your animals 24-7
See results on day one, thanks to easy installation
Check on your buildings from wherever you happen to be

Optimize your indoor environments with smart monitoring and responsive alerts for:

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CO2 level


Generator on/off

Trusted by top farms across North America.

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Working to improve performance:

Your lighting, ventilation, and heating equipment does hard work. It does smart work too, thanks to Agrimesh sensors and reporting software.

Caring for animals today means deploying the most innovative technology available. Check on temperature, humidity, and CO2 level with the push of a button.

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The future of agriculture:

One internal mesh network links all the wireless components installed in your buildings. The system operates locally, so no interruptions will occur. Access sensor data through your phone or desktop.

Each emHub connects up to 255 wireless modules. Reports go to your device every 50 milliseconds, triggering alerts based on customized parameters.

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Clear the air


Our wireless temperature and humidity probe collects data, then alerts you to increases or decreases beyond set thresholds. Install sensors in multiple rooms for a complete picture of current conditions.

Measure C02


A wireless sensor that measures CO2 level and sends out critical alerts.

Adding value through digital agriculture:

Agrimesh protects you from problems that crop up on the farm.

Smart monitoring and responsive alerts protect against painful losses.

Get a complete, real-time view with accurate, high-resolution data.

To learn what you stand to gain from installing a fully integrated system into your barns, give us a call today!

Smart monitoring gives you a complete, real-time look at your operation. Agrimesh’s full suite automates control over the environment, improving performance at a low cost.

Agrimesh’s processor learns the effect of each device inside the barn. It allows you to optimize the environment and stabilize conditions.

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Ready to step into the future of agriculture?

Install your smart monitoring system, then get ready to grow with Agrimesh.

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Plug in the emHub


Add the devices and set parameters

Save your farm from painful losses and persistent problems. Meet the smartest farmhand around: